Friday, April 22, 2011

Update: Revamp

So yea, I didn't complete my experiment.

Little disappointed but once I started forcing art it became a chore. This is not okay.

I will discontinue the Trial of Techne for now. I will probably finish the Prince and the Tower story because I hate unfinished work (ironic, I know).

Anyway, I will be kicking Jake off this site because of his astonishing number of posts (1) and because I want to take a personal turn with this blog.

I started a Paleo Diet/Primal Lifestyle college blog over the summer but did not keep up with it. I was going to create a blog about my workout plan I have laid out from now till August with strong details on development. I'm also dropping out of college and moving to San Francisco (hopefully) so I want to journal that journey. Also I'm learning Japanese (that's not really blog-related).

So I'm going to just make this blog my SUPER blog. I will be talking about everything I want to talk about.

Deal with it. (I love you).

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