Friday, April 15, 2011

Trial of Techne - Script (April 14th)

The Trial of Techne is a 30 day experiment where I produce one artistic item daily. You can read about it in the original post here.

Yea I'm aware this one is a day late. Oh well, my first blunder. I published it as soon as I woke up the following day.


Prince in the Tower: Part One

There once was a Prince who lived in a tower,
Happily and Joyfully with women in tow.

One day an angry, ugly, putrid witch,
with an angry, ugly, putrid army.
arrived at the princes tower at the morning dews welcome.

"Fair Lady," the Prince replies.
"Why do you visit me on this day?"

"Young Prince," the nasty witch cried.
"Your tower stands in my way."

"Oh dear Hag, you can go around, or we can work together to find a solution"
"Silly Prince, as long as your tower still stands I cannot create my illusion."

"Illusions? Confusions? Why play these games? Surely there is another way?"
"It does not matter what you say Prince, your tower falls today."

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