Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trial of Techne - Script (April 16th)

The Trial of Techne is a 30 day experiment where I produce one artistic item daily. You can read about it in the original post here.

You can view part one of this prose over here.


Prince in the Tower: Part Two...

The Prince and the witch conversed back and forth for quite a while,
In some time though, the witch decided to use her female guile....

After one calm night, the witch rode through town
Exclaiming "The Prince raped me," from the top of a mound

The Prince appeared, readily to defend his reputation
But the people wouldn't have it, they believed the witches persuasion

"I did not commit such an act. Surely, this woman is a liar."
"A liar you call me? After you yourself lie! Why we ought to burn you in a fire."

This was a difficult moment for the townsfolk as they couldn't believe their ears,
Has this magnificent Prince really raped a woman as ugly as a steer?

They had to believe her, for why would she cry,
She must be telling the truth, "The Prince must die."

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