Monday, March 14, 2011

A new author approaches!

This whole "blog" thing is a new concept for me. I've never considered myself someone who takes repeated interest in writing... Sure, I've written countless school essays, critiques, short stories, lyrics, poems, reviews, summaries, and other walls of text.

But alas, introductions are due.

I'm Jake. I, like Zac, am an aspiring musician; My current prolonged-conquest is an epic journey consisting of composing music for the game we both work on, and maybe some extra bits of sound design, dialogue recording, and making cool sounds that resemble half way between a wookie's battle cry and a plethora of lemmings on a death march. Ok.. Maybe not that peculiar, but I'll rant about that more later.

I'm close to halfway through my Music Engineering degree at the University of Miami. It's a cool thing, I get to learn all about (perhaps more than necessary) Electronic hardware design, Software and programming languages, Live sound mixing and studio recording, and everything music in between.

I asked myself the same question you may have just thought yourself: "Where the hell do I start?". Long story short, this blog is a part of my (semi) structured but largely chaotic and crazy effort to pursue what I think is now my prime interest in anything music: video game audio.

In an effort to put me on a slightly more organized track with my work, I asked Sir Citronious if I could update on this blog as well. While I'm sure more posts will come, for now I think my main focus is going to be chronicling the steps and processes of my music writing... One new experience to complement another, if you will.


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