Monday, March 21, 2011


There's a spectacular internet movement going about called Blog4NZ (Blog For New Zealand). They recently had a devastating earthquake -- something that deters travelers and tourism, which is a really important segment of their economy.

One of the most inspiring bloggers on the map, Colin Wright over at, threw up a blog post about his experiences in New Zealand. These quotes stuck out to me...
It’s one of those countries that sticks with you, and the people that I met while there, the things that I did and the compositions that I saw (every horizon line in the whole country deserves to be called a composition, not just a geographic formation) left an indelible impression.
This has a hugely negative impact on the area because after a disaster is when they need those funds the most, and as the money dries up, the locals have a harder time putting the pieces back together. They’re then faced with difficult long-term ramifications (in the case of New Zealand, they’re able to avoid most drilling, mining and deforestation because of the tourism industry…if that goes away, so could their beautiful landscape).

Although I may not be a traveler, I do wish to preserve any sort of artistic integrity whenever there is the chance to do so. In this case, the land itself is in peril.

If what Colin says is true, then I beg that we do not deny them tourism during the aftershock of this mess. The last thing this drained world needs is another ecosystem sapped of its essence by the influence of the most infamous of vampires - money.


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