Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Subject Matters

So over the course of this week I've came to the conclusion this blog, while having a focus on music, will be about much more. I already have a few posts laid out regarding my opinions on video game culture and will be putting those out over the next two weeks hopefully.

I'm taking more of a role in actual game design than I initially expected so I will also be producing music at a slower rate. Truthfully, I prefer to make music after we decide what is needed, rather than before which is what I have been doing. Should have a solid story for the game soon which will help us kick the team into a higher gear.

My friend Jake who I mentioned in a previous post will begin interjecting his own posts on here as well, providing some varied insight and perspective. He's an amazing musician with a well of musical knowledge. He also likes corgi's and late night Wendy's runs.

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