Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some Backstory

Before I began this blog, my friend Paul asked me if I was interested in composing music for a video game he is going to begin creating soon. The game is supposed to be that of a SNES-like RPG -- a game style I grew up with and fondly remember. I agreed without hesitation.

I had a predicament though. I've never really composed music in my life. I jam and pump out riffs and solos' on my guitar, and the electronic music genre relies on incessant melodies with little variance -- something that doesn't translate well to orchestrated music (which, at heart, is what video game music is).

Surprising no one more than myself, I created this track immediately following Paul's request:

Kings Triumph (Intro Song) by Project Panda Music

Solid first attempt!

So I will be posting more songs on here relevant to the video game as well as some electronic music, but my focus is favoring the VGM (video game music) currently.

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